Our expansive interconnect with multiple redundancies allow Vovida to offer unparalleled reach across the globe. Our state-of-the-art routing system negotiates and selects the optimal route through our reliable and expansive IP infrastructure across the globe, giving you the best in view of the cost as well as the quality. For your excellent and competitive price in voice termination, you can rely on our Service. Based on our strong portfolio of several direct tier 1 & 2 interconnects, we offer carriers access to the entire destinations in the globe.


Our enterprise voice focuses on company that require a Hosted Telephony service i.e. they handover the operational responsibility and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their telephone system to a trusted third party (Vovida). This reduces CAPEX, internal support costs and even results in lower call charges.

Vovida Hosted Telephony solutions work on the principles of economies of scale; this provides a number of key benefit to the end user including resilience, Data backup, Disaster recovery e.t.c

Vovida’s Hosted Telephony service offers businesses of any size this level of service at a very affordable fee.  Some of the features includes; IVR, DDI, Ring group, Hunt group, Call queuing, Voice mail, Conference calling, Conference rooms, Call transfer, Call divert ,Music on hold, mobile sip client  for on the go calling and lots more.


Vovida offers a comprehensive portfolio of Retail Prepaid products for qualified distributors and retailers including: International calling cards, Disposable, pre-activated calling cards, Rechargeable calling cards, PINless Enabled calling cards, Batch delivery with pre-printed PINs.

Our Retail Prepaid services are built on our rock-solid technology, financial stability and reputation for quality. We offer comprehensive business support that includes pricing, rate deck and portfolio management, billing, authentication, product fulfillment, marketing, and customer service.