Enjoy instant high speed Internet connection every time. No busy signals with your Internet access. We are dedicated to providing low cost and easy access to the Internet, using the very latest in Internet technology.

Leased Lines

Vovida provides clients with a facility through which their data can be transmitted between  two or more locations. Within the service Vovida provides the physical inter-connection of the sites, ensures the correct configuration and routing within the Network, management of the terminating devices, health monitoring and status notifications and general day to day operations of the whole network

Carrier Ethernet

We can rapidly deliver Carrier Ethernet Services that give you capacity connectivity to all your business centers.
Our network technology is designed to excel within the rapidly evolving digital enterprise and carrier environments. We offer a wide range of routing, interface and resiliency options  to meet the most stringent requirements.

Dark Fiber

Our Dark Fiber service provides you with a fiber-optic connection with control of the dedicated fibers. You determine your bandwidth using the network equipment. You lease the dark fiber based on the effective distance between your locations.


IP/VPN is available in different bandwidths. You can determine your bandwidth based on your data volumes and the type of data traffic over the line, and take advantage of the possibility of configuring for connection redundancy. We would be pleased to advise you on bandwidth and redundancy options.


MPLS is a widely deployed, reliable and secure technology for building a fixed-path VPN over an IP network between a set of branch offices and data centers. Vovida offers a much quicker and more cost-effective deployment capability.