IT Infrastructure

An experienced IT services provider with credentials in all aspects of Infrastructure Management Services would be an ideal partner to guide enterprises in this transformational journey. Vovida’s IT Infrastructure services cater to changing Enterprise IT needs and IT landscape.  As a result, organizations would become more agile, thereby enabling them to keep pace with the rapid changes occurring in the digital world.


Vovida’s  E-Government Services enables constituents and partners to directly interact with core government functions through multiple user-friendly channels. This reduces cost-to-serve and improves constituent satisfaction and engagement – while leveraging support for enhanced government services and improving economic and social vitality.

Identity Management

Vovida Communications is a foremost independent integrator of biometric identity solutions. We bring our local software and telecommunications deployment experience along with our global expertise in biometrics to every project we implement. We build interfaces into existing ERP and eGov applications that allows them securely integrate biometric technology into their business process.
Our solutions simplify enrolment of individuals, prevent duplicate registration, guarantee the integrity of the data collected and allow for biometric verification of the citizens in both offline and online environments.
Vovida Communications offer expertise in the supply, installation, support and maintenance of biometric identity management solutions, focusing on innovative developments of Homeland Security solutions

Other Security Solutions

Vovida in partnership with TEKNİK DÖKÜM a distributor of CEIA, a well-known Italian metal detector manufacturing company and a sole Turkish distributor of German SMITHS HEIMANN, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of X-Ray control systems.

With this collaboration, Vovida has trained in country business development, marketing, sales, engineers and technicians to support sales and deployment of Industrial detectors, tray carrying system, security check point solutions like conveyor systems, X-Ray control systems for public facilities in Nigeria.