Systems Design (IT/Telecoms)

Information Technology and Telecommunications must be optimum to be effective in today’s competitive marketplace, they must be treated as two parts of a single technology, one that combines intelligence with physical infrastructure.

It is the foundation needed to support so many other technologies that have become commonplace in every process. 

To be the most cost-efficient and provide the highest level of interoperability across technologies requires a higher, conceptual understanding of all types of systems, from life safety and computer networking to telephone, audio-visual, and building management.

This takes a level of discovery, conceptualization, and engineering not to be found in technology companies whose sole focus is the product they are selling. Instead it requires a company with the vision to understand all technologies needed to address a client’s needs. Vovida has the expertise in current and developing technologies, all of which will be integrated into the converged foundation we now call ICT. Few companies can offer this breadth and depth of knowledge.

Telecoms/ICT Consulting

Business communications technology is becoming more sophisticated and complex. Your business success is dependent on understanding and developing a strategic communications plan that aligns your investment with your business goals and objectives.

Simply put, your business objectives should drive technology and not the other way around. Ideally your main focus should not be on the technology itself but rather on what the technology can do for your business.

More and more leading enterprise companies are looking at technology as a fundamental strategic investments. Technology is no longer just a collection of software and hardware, it has evolved into becoming its own business system focused on helping companies operate more effectively. Our team of ICT experts has been helping businesses to plan, implement and manage their communication technologies.

We aim in working along with our prospective clients so as to jointly determine and ultimately provide the most effective and efficient integrated solutions which will fully cover their needs, at a fraction of cost of traditional solutions, currently available in the market.

Policy Development

Our services help clients to build organizational capacity through improved policy. We have a wide selection of expertise in all areas of services we provide, ready to assist your utmost needs as needed.Vovida is the key in improving corporations, not-for-profit, and government organizations potentials through our hands on assistance in helping develop efficiency, productivity and accountability.
With experience in driving Organizational Transformation, we provide a consistent mix of effective and successful programs in strategy development, support services, IT/Telecoms consulting.
New clients can count on us to achieve performance improvements, through making better decisions, improving efficiency and delivering better results.

E-Taxation Solutions

Vovida works with its partners to provide and become a comprehensive taxation solution provider including hardware and software based on the cloud infrastructure, which is entirely self-developed, easy to use, and capable for customization with great flexibility. The solution has the following benefits:

  1. Increased tax revenue, thus boosting nation economic growth.

  2. Existence of a fair and healthy taxation environment.

  3. Decreased taxpayer’s operating cost, improve social and taxpayer’s information technology level.

  4. Improved Tax Administration’s efficiency, reduced tax collection cost.

  5. International presence and successful deployed  cases.

Project Management

With a highly skilled and experienced team and an outlook based firmly in industry best practices. We are well placed to assist you with projects of all sizes and complexities. Our comprehensive project management service includes tailored planning, execution, monitoring and reporting. We will work closely with you to provide the most appropriate and effective service with clearly defined goals and deliverables efficiently and effectively within agreed time and cost.